Xylomatron is a robot that you can play a Simon Says style game, through a xylophone interface. The robot has 2 arms that allows it to play 8 different notes on the xylophone. It will play a sequence of notes and expect you to repeat it. It adds a new note to the sequence each level to increase the challenge.

To control the robot, we have used an Ardweeny, a lovely arduino clone from Solarbotics.
There are 6 servos in total, 4 mini (arms) and 2 micro (neck).
The robot is tracking the notes you play through a simple contact point setup. The stick closes a circuit that has a certain resistance value, depending on the note you hit.
The hull is handmade and the material we have used is a PVC Foam called Sintra (again, from Solarbotics).
In addition to the sound made through the xylophone, we have added a speaker on top of the robot to simulate the note digitally.
Here, some photos from the development (click to enlarge):

A video from the Speedshow in Rotterdam:

Xylomatron from MrBeaver on Vimeo.

Some photos from the 7dx Demo Party:

And, an additional video, the first tests of the robot during the development process:

Simon Says style game with Xylomatron from MrBeaver on Vimeo.

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