Vacuum Cleaner Robot

I am bad at keeping the house clean. While we build new robots we screw up the house, and I hate the vacuum cleaning after every damn project. To take care of this situation, we have decided to build a vacuum cleaner robot. The great thing about this project is that once it is complete this robot will vacuum all the mess it has created during its development. Something like ERKE D├ľNENGEC─░. Or not.
The robot is being completely built by scrap materials, mostly recycled from broken vacuum cleaners.
Vacuum mechanism is from an handheld small vacuum cleaner, the casing is from a big rowenta vacuum cleaner, it will have 2 heavy duty gear motor and the A.I. will be written with arduino.

Here, a few pic from the development, it will look cooler, after the paintjob.

These are the gearmotors and the prototype circuit board of the robot.

This can give you a clue about its final appearance:

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