Solar Hopper

Making a robot jump is a hard task. Making it jump with solar energy is harder. Well this solarbot prototype jumps about 4-5 cm high, by using solar power. It uses a 1381 solar engine. Pumps the energy to a modified servo (circuit and pot is removed, its basically a gear motor now). The servo arm pulls the upper body of the robot down, which is attached to the legs with a spring, and releases once it reaches to the maximum position. This way the legs quickly hit the ground in order to make the solarbot jump.
I am only uploading the photos now, since the video with the desk lamp is so slow and will get you bored. I will upload a video once I can catch some sun light. COME ON SUN, ITS ALMOST SPRING, SHINE ALREADY. For the love of cyber gods, Its all cloudy lately, I am as depressed as my poor solarbots.

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