Mr. Walkman

The walker on my previous post had a quite low performance on walking. 2 days ago, I have accidentally found 2 really cheap toy trains on my local market and bought them immediately. I have disassembled their gearboxes and worked out a connection with the walkman motors own gears. The result was a success. The attachment of the gears and legs, and the trimmings required to make it walk with its new heavy-duty legs took about 10-12 hours.
Then I have worked on its obstacle sensors in order to make it reverse and go to another direction in order to prevent it from getting stuck.
Finally I have made a simple head with flashing eyes to add some smooth personality.
+In addition, I have done the connections required to attach a pic chip to the robot, to make it software controlled in near future.

Here is a video, demonstrating the obstacle avoiding of the robot (yes, it falls from the table in the end of the video. but thanks to the flexibility of its epoxy jointed body, it didn’t get any damage)

  1. #1 by ottof├╝ralles. on April 20, 2008 - 6:05 pm

    i want my tiny robot back. make me a tiny robot mister botdev.

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